Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why do I need a VPN?

vpn service providers in German


With German VPN services you can open everything from anywhere in world, all is 2048 bit encrypted, no provider logs and it is available 24 hours a day


What is a VPN?

VPN's (Virtual Private Network's) were first used by companies to enable their employees to securely access internal systems such as email remotely (e.g. from home or while on business trips). Today they are increasingly being used for personal use by individuals to protect their privacy while online in public places (e.g. when using the wi-fi connection in a cafe) or in a country where the internet is censored / blocked (e.g. China, Saudi Arabia…).

Why do I need a VPN?

Whether you're an expat living in a foreign country where the internet is heavily regulated, a mobile user constantly on the road, or just someone concerned with maintaining their privacy online, having a VPN is becoming essential.


buka blokir dengan vpn

Mungkin Anda sering mengalami hal seperti ini, ketika Anda ingin membuka suatu situs atau website tertentu, ternyata tidak bisa dibuka karena situs yang bersangkutan ternyata sudah diblokir. Memang beberapa waktu belakangan ini banyak situs-situs yang dilarang oleh pemerintah, ISP atau administrator di sekolah, kampus atau kantor yang pada akhirnya berakhir dengan pemblokiran situs atau website terlarang tersebut. Tapi bukan berarti kita tidak bisa membuka situs tersebut selamanya, karena pasti setiap permasalahan akan ada solusinya.

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