Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Unblock File Sharing Websites in Argentina

Unblock File Sharing Websites in Argentina

Due to blocking 10 file sharing sites, Argentina government had been warned by a group of hacker known as Anonymous. 

As you must have heard in past that several countries including China, Iran, Turkey, New Zealand, Malaysia and even USA on some ISPs have taken initiative on blocking File sharing in their respective countries, and now its India, the second biggest Internet Population in Asia has chosen to block all file sharing and peer to peer network websites on all ISPs.


After all this shutdowns, here is a summary of the situation for unblock file-sharing websites:
Filesonic – Stopped file-sharing
The Facebook page  also vanished. According to users on Reddit, many accounts and files would probably be deleted.
Fileserve – Stopped file-sharing
The company has not made any official report yet. This shutdown is also available for others websites owned by Fileserve, such as Filejungle and UploadStation It now only allow users to download content that they have uploaded themselves.
It is thought that FileServe follows FileSonic and other sites in response to the wider crackdown on file-sharing sites by U.S. authorities.
Filepost – Suspending accounts with infringing contents
4shared - Deleting multiple files
EnterUpload – Down (redirect)
MediaFire – All features availables
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