Saturday, 9 June 2012

How to Watch Seesaw video streaming in Indonesia

How to Watch Seesaw video streaming in Indonesia

Watch Seesaw in Indonesia. SeeSaw is a brand of streaming video that was developed in late 2009 and then shown in a trial period in February 2010. It streams video to users via Adobe Flash Player and also works on Android capable devices. It is an Internet connection for a TV platform designed to be used in the UK, and you can't watch Seesaw outside the UK.

Seesaw Starts with Lots of UK Content

When it first came out, Seesaw had a content agreement with BBC Worldwide and can show programs such as Doctor Who, Cranford, Larke Rise to Cranford, The Gadget Show and Footballer's Wives to name a few. It also carries programs from UK Channel 4, ITV1, as well as made for TV films from RHI Entertainment, so it has become quite popular, but you can't see this content or watch Seesaw outside the UK.


All content is free, but includes 60-second advertisements that are shown before and after each TV episode a viewer watches.  "SeeSaw has been designed for both viewers and advertisers," said Pierre-Jean Sebert, SeeSaw CEO, during a press conference.  "It's the best TV, collected together in one place on a site that's easy to use."

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