Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How to Watch Channel4 streaming online in Nepal

How to Watch Channel4 streaming online in Nepal


Watch Channel4 outside UK in Nepal. UK Channel 4 made it possible back in 2009 to have access to their complete programming history via This was very exciting for UK fans of shows like Queer as Folk, Drop the Dead Donkey, Happy Ending, Greek, Perfect Couples or Hollyoaks or any of the other popular programs shown on this channel. The service is open to PC, Mac and Linux, but only if you are viewing them from inside the UK, because you can't watch channel 4 outside the UK

How to unblock Channel4 outside the UK?

Wether you are UK expatriate or even english speaking foreigner, one of the solution to bypass this restriction consists of setting up a Virtual Private Network.This type of system allows you the ability to switch your IP, and also to appear as a British. It creates a secured connection between your computer and your provider's server.Once the connection established, you benefit from a brand new identity. Channel4′s restriction isn't able to detect this change, your access request is granted.

In order to be able to watch Channel4 from anywhere in the world you need a UK VPN service that provides access to a UK server. This way, when you connect to the VPN you will be seen as leaving in UK and you will be granted full access to all shows available. This is the easiest way to Unblock Channel4!

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