Monday, 19 March 2012

How safe is using a VPN connection

In this paper, we have presented an overview of the joint effort ,between SNU and KT in order to enhance the WLAN-based ,NESPOT service. Our efforts are to improve the network ,management/maintenance capability as well as the real-time ,application support. The schemes suggested in this paper would ,help both vendors and carriers to design and develop the WLAN ,products and services in a way to enhance the service quality and ,to enlarge the WLAN market. As the network size as well as the ,number of subscribers increase, it is expected more and more ,unexpected problems arise while more enhanced services are ,desired. To push the current WLAN technology and service over ,3G service towards 4G wireless, many more issues are remained ,to be resolved by academia, vendors, and carriers in a cooperative ,manner. ,7. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ,The authors would like to thank other MWNL members, ,including Youngsoo Kim, Jeonggyun Yu, and Jack Jang, who ,participated in the prototyping of the Dr. Nespot protocol.,

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