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X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD

X-Men Origins: Wolverine DVD


Thanks to Activision Blizzard, gamers will soon be able to get their claws into the official adaptation of X-Men Origins: Wolverine?/P>

The summer has always been a key time for the movie industry, with the biggest blockbusters enticing the public away from the bright weather and into the darkness of the cinema. Video games usually follows suit, with a range of movie-inspired heavy hitters releases in the season to keep gamers firmly rooted to the couch.

The first in a wave of big name movie adaptations rolling out in 2009, X-Men Origins: Wolverine follows the course of its silver screen namesake. Players get the chance to wield the claws of popular superhero Wolverine as they walk the same path trodden by Hugh Jackman in the film, taking on a variety of missions as the self-healing hero comes to terms with his powers.

"Wolverine is at heart a grown-up hardcore game, but it's still very accessible to everyone,?says Activision's marketing director David Tyler. "It really brings alive the frightening nature of Wolverine's character and the abilities he has.

"We think that consumers will be surprised by how much of a departure this is from previous Marvel character-based games. It's not what they would expect.

"The team at Raven Software has worked on the title for over two years and produced a game that utilises the Unreal Engine. It really breaks the mould as far as superhero games are concerned. Retailers who have seen the game have all been pleasantly surprised and impressed at the same time. Those who may have dismissed Wolverine as 'yet another movie title?should take a closer look.?/P>

As you would expect from both the screenshots and the movie trailer, Wolverine focuses on combat. Gamers will be able to unleash Logan's adamantium claws against waves of enemies, taking revenge on those who created him as well as clashing with a few recognisable super-villains. They can even tune into Wolverine's feral instincts to find their enemies?weaknesses and use his regenerative abilities to heal themselves.

"Gamers will be really impressed by the quality of gameplay and the appeal that this game will have across a broad consumer base, regardless of whether
or not they are Marvel movie fans,?adds Tyler.

"This is ultimately about using the strength of Wolverine's character and skills in a relatively brutal yet simple and rewarding way.

"It will not only excite Marvel fans but also appeal to fans of good quality games in general. This title is all about gameplay with the added bonus of the movie and franchise support.?/P>

The movie is already one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the upcoming summer season, so it is safe to assume that the Great British public will be expecting an accompanying video game.

As wel as promoting the title to cinema-going consumers, Activision is determined to see it recognised as a major entertainment product in its own right.

"As Wolverine is aiming to break the mould for a superhero game, we are keen to promote the title ahead of launch so we've been working with retail to secure a number of support programmes,?says Tyler.

"We've focused our messaging on driving home the fact that Wolverine is a high quality game that does not solely rely on having a movie to support it.

"This messaging is really resonating and is being carried through with impact to our in-store and online launch initiatives.?/P>

Media expectations are for the film to finish 2009 as one of the largest-grossing box office hits of the year, so Activision will be upping the ante of its marketing as the movie launch gets closer in order to fully capitalise.

The media campaign will consist of a heavyweight pre-awareness and launch digital media drive timed to be most prominent around the launch window, and will be supported by a print campaign.

Both the print and online campaigns will be integrated with PR activity in order to increase the game's exposure. Of course, this being a movie game, the big screen will also play an important part in promoting the release.

"Our cinema media buy was a must have for this launch to maximise the Wolverine theatrical launch,?explains Tyler. "We have extended our cinema media buy to also deliver audiences going to see a number of the summer hits, including the new Star Trek film.?/P>

?A href="">Wolverine's consumer media programme is a two-pronged approach; firstly bringing awareness to the hardcore gamers pre-release and during launch by establishing strong gaming credentials ?and secondly maximising the movie's release and broadening the franchise's appeal.?/P>





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