Saturday, 28 March 2009

Slumdog writer backs film festival

Slumdog writer backs film festival

Slumdog Millionaire's screenwriter Simon Beaufoy showed off his Oscar as he returned to his home county to promote an international film festival.

Beaufoy spoke about his shock at winning an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay when he visited the Bradford International Film Festival, of which he is a patron.

Speaking at the National Media Museum, Beaufoy - who is famous for writing the screenplay for Sheffield-based film The Full Monty - told how his home county had influenced his career. He said: "I've written at least four, probably five, films set in Yorkshire so it's in my blood the county really and I find it a tremendously interesting place to write about."

He added: "The film industry's very London-centric and it's great to get out, that's why I've always tried to make films up here because the landscapes up here are amazing and the people you meet up here and the stories are incredible and often lots more interesting stuff up here than there is in London."

The writer said winning an Oscar was "beyond anyone's wildest dreams" and said that, at one point, the film-makers thought Slumdog Millionaire would be released straight to DVD.

"I'm still in shock from it really, it's a huge surprise that this little film we made, that we thought was really an art house film, is suddenly a favourite to win Oscars. Then to actually win some, including this one, is beyond anyone's wildest dreams really," he said. Slumdog Millionaire dvd

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