Saturday, 28 March 2009

Slumdog Millionaire DVD on 31st March

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<DIV><IMG title=3D"Slumdog Millionaire DVD cover" alt=3D"Slumdog Millionair=
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<P><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Money is never the sign of intelligence, i=
ntelligence is never the sign of success, success is never the sign of happ=
iness and happiness is never the sign of money. <A href=3D"http://www.leubo=">Slumdog Millionaire </A>is a story of a=
young man who proves that all these things can co-exist but aren't really =
interconnected. The movie starts with Jamaal being beaten and questioned by=
the police and is also shown answering questions on the popular show, Kaun=
Banega Crorepati. Jamaal Malik is a boy from the slums. Playing with his b=
rother and friends and trying to survive the days are pretty much the only =
things on his list. Jamaal and his brother find themselves alone and having=
to take care of themselves after their mother is murdered. It is then that=
their lives change when they are forced to beg on the streets. After going=
through a lot of struggle and hardships, Jamaal and his brother manage to =
escape. This is when life begins for them as independent young men trying t=
o earn a living for themselves. Jamaal chooses to take the right path and w=
ork hard to achieve something in life whereas, his brother decides to take =
a different path, one of corruption and lies. Jamaal then embarks on a jour=
ney to find his long lost love, Latika. He figures that if he wants to find=
her, he will have to go on the hit show KBC. Watch the movie to unfold the=
mystery of this love story.<BR><BR>Dev Patel (Jamaal Malik) has done a ver=
y fine job, especially considering this is his first movie. He has performe=
d the romantic as well as aggressive parts very well. We would surely like =
to see him in a lot more movies. Anil Kapoor was good in parts although he =
could have toned down in some scenes. Freida Pinto was believable and charm=
ing in the little role that she had. Wish we could see more of her in the m=
ovie. Saurabh Shukla and Irrfan Khan performed their roles well. Mahesh Man=
jrekar was also quite credible.<BR><BR><A href=3D"
">Slumdog Millionaire </A>will be released to DVD =
and Blu-ray from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The disc will be=
available on DVD in anamorphic widescreen and on Blu-ray in AVC 1080p alon=
g with English and Hindi audio tracks. Extras for the discs include two aud=
io commentaries: one with director Danny Boyle and actor Dev Patel and one =
with producer Christian Colson and writer Simon Beaufoy, the documentary Sl=
umdog Dreams: Danny Boyle &amp; The Making of Slumdog Millionaire, twelve d=
eleted scenes, a script to scene breakdown of the toilet scene, the Indian =
short film Manjha, the Bombay Liquid music video and something called Slumd=
og Cutdown. The DVD is on schedule to release on March 31st.</FONT></P></TD=
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